Cruelty-Free on a Budget: Top 6 Products

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I wanted to share my top 6 (I obviously couldn’t narrow it down to 5) cruelty-free products, but here’s the catch: every one of them is budget-friendly and easily accessible (at least in the United States). I hope this is helpful to anyone aiming to be kinder to animals in 2017!

Number 1 is such a useful product: Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap! This stuff can be diluted with water and used for almost any cleaning purpose, from washing your dog to mopping your floors. I keep mine in my shower to be used for body wash, but it’s also my makeup brush-cleaner of choice! And if you love the smell of almond like I do, the Hemp Almond scent is a must.

The second product I’ll mention has been a favorite face cleanser of mine for a while now: the Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel. In fact, I like it so much that I have already repurchased it! To give you some context, I have oily/combination acne-prone skin, but I think this cleanser would work for people with a variety of skin types. I’m not even sure what it is about this cleaner that I like so much, but I can just tell that it’s doing good things for my skin, balancing everything out and thoroughly cleansing my pores without being drying at all. I think everyone should give it a try – it’s 7 bucks and a total gem in my opinion.

Third, my cruelty-free eye makeup remover of choice is the Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil. Trader Joe’s is actually an amazing store to turn to for beauty and personal care products, since all of their generic brand is cruelty free! You can use any kind of oil to remove makeup, but their Vitamin E Oil gets the job done and it can also be used as a bath oil or a facial moisturizer! If you have a Trader Joe’s store near you, definitely pick some of this up next time you’re there.

For hair care, I love Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian line of shampoos and conditioners. I think that especially for those who are a transitioning to a cruelty-free lifestyle, these products are great because they mimic some more traditional, non-cruelty free hair products in terms of cuteness of packaging and scent. While a lot of natural, cruelty free products smell very herbal, these just have an all-around delicious and fun scent. Plus, they’re super affordable and available at many grocery and drugstores.

Number 5 is a makeup product: the Physicians Formula Eye Booster eyeliner pen (in the shade Ultra Black). In my Ride or Die makeup tag, I mentioned that I hadn’t yet found a good eyeliner. I take that back! This one has ridiculously good staying power (waterproof status), a very user-friendly pointed brush-tip applicator allows for super easy winged eyeliner application. I’ve heard this one compared to some popular high-end eyeliners, and this one is only $8 bucks!

And lastly, my 6th favorite is the entire line of Wet n Wild brushes: these are RIDICULOUSLY soft, 100% vegan, and insanely cute. My top favorites from the bunch are the flat top brush, contour brush, and eyeshadow crease brush. Literally cannot believe that there are such high quality, cruelty-free brushes out there for 1-3 dollars. What?!?

So those are 6 of my favorite cruelty-free budget-friendly products. Finding cruelty-free products is often as easy as visiting your nearest drugstore or grocery store and sometimes paying even less than you would for non-cruelty free ones! What are your favorite affordable animal friendly products?

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