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  1. Your info is the best! Did wonder in your good list , why alba & wet & wild did not have neither an l or v as did some others?

    1. Great question! Some Alba Botanica products contain beeswax or honey, so they are not a 100% vegan brand. Additionally, Wet n Wild mentions that not all of their products are vegan. While Alba is Leaping Bunny certified (hence the L symbol next to it), Wet n Wild is not.

  2. Your site has been so helpful to know what brands to look for, and which to stay away from. But I was wondering about the brand, Not Your Mothers. On their packaging they claim to not test on animals, but I can’t find any information on the internet about whether they are cruelty free or not. Thanks for all the help 🙂

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks so much for commenting; I’m glad to help! I have contacted Not Your Mother’s several times, asking for clarification on their standard vague response, and they have always sent me the same answer. All they will really say is, “NYM products are not tested on animals – only by our human staff.” They won’t address anything regarding their ingredient suppliers, 3rd party testing, or selling in countries that require testing by law. So I’ve just assumed they are hiding something and I don’t support the brand. :/ Logical Harmony, another trusted source, lists NYM under “Gray Area Brands” since they won’t respond to requests for clarification. Hope that was helpful, and thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Hi, I’ve recently started switching to cruelty free brands and found your site really helpful. Though I noticed you don’t have Motives cosmetics listed on either list. My friend sells it and I asked if they were cruelty free and they claimed to be but I know that’s not anyways the case. Just wondering if you’ve done any research into them or not? Any info would be great! I’ve tried but I don’t know exactly what to look for, hence why I find your site really helpful!

    1. Hi Lou,
      So sorry for the delayed response! I’ve started exclusively using Logical Harmony’s cruelty-free lists as my resource for finding about about a company’s status, and Motives is listed as a Gray Area brand on that website (, meaning the company has only given unclear responses regarding their testing policies, so they can’t be certified 100% cruelty free. I tend to steer clear of Gray Area brands since it often means the company is hiding something, but that is your call!

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